Located on Chicago’s North Shore, we take pride in providing custom exercise programs to men and women who are serious about their health and fitness. Serving over 800 clients since 1991.


Covid-19 Precautions

Covid Precautions: We are still requiring that masks be worn by everyone who enters the studio on weekdays. We are also limiting the number of people exercising at any one time to allow for social distancing.

fitness studio

in wilmette

by appointment only

Our Services

fitness assessment

We observe and evaluate how you move, your body alignment and range of motion. These observations are used to custom design a training  program that also incorporates your stated fitness goals.


Personal Training

Experienced, mature fitness professionals who are highly skilled in modifying exercise will coach you through your workout to ensure safety and maximize results.


fitness studio

  • 4000 sq. ft
  • In WIlmette
  • Private
  • Uncrowded
  • Clean
  • Very well Equipped

therapeutic massage

Skilled massage therapists will help you to relax and/or release tight muscles after your workout.


physical therapy

Physical therapy is offered at our location by Movement Solutions.



Our Mission

To provide the highest quality personal fitness services on Chicago’s North Shore.

To ensure that our clients work only with highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals (trainers, massage therapists and yoga instructors), who understand how to customize exercise and/or massage to meet the needs of each individual client.

To provide a workout environment that is private, uncrowded and professional, yet friendly and non-intimidating.

Get in Touch

Personal Fitness Training, Ltd.

350 Linden Ave.
Wilmette, IL
Tel. (847) 251 6834


What Clients Are Saying

62 Year Old Client

What I especially like is the personal dedication of the trainers. I never feel like I'm being put through a one-size-fits-all regimen from a textbook...

49 Year Old CLient

Although I may not be as slim as I once was, my overall fitness is probably better than its ever been in my life.

71 Year Old CLient

I have continued to work with PFTL for almost ten years, not only did I not lose muscle tone from my radiation therapy, I feel physically fit for the first time since I was 40...

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