Dear Valued Client,

Although we cannot be open for business, pursuant to the “Stay At Home” order from our governor, we want you to continue to exercise and stay healthy at home.  Below are a few exercises that you are familiar with, which most anyone can do in addition to taking walks or jogs outside.

Doing 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. 3X/week will go a long way to help to keep you fit, until you can resume training with your trainer.

Just remember for each exercise:

  • Warm up about 5 minutes or more before doing the exercises
  • Maintain a neutral spine by engaging deep core muscles
  • Keep breathing; never hold your breath

Push-up – this is a great exercise for beginners and/or advanced clients.  It can be done the easiest way, against a kitchen counter. Progressing to the floor with knees bent; then a full pushup with toes on the floor.  This can be made more challenging with legs elevated, with hands close together, or the ultimate…one-handed.

Squat – Every time we sit, we squat;  but doing this correctly is important. There is no need to squat more than with thighs parallel to the floor.  Knees should  not move forward of toes.


Lunge – Done correctly, this is a challenging exercise.  You can increase the challenge by walking lunges. Make sure knee does not go forward of ankle.


Single-Leg Balance – This should be practiced every day.  More challenge can be added by doing arm movements one side at a time while maintaining single-leg balance.  If this is too easy, close your eyes.


We are all looking forward to seeing everyone back as soon as we can start training again. During the time we are closed, we will continue to clean, dust and disinfect the studio weekly.

Stay healthy,