BOOMER TUNE-UP – 6- Weeks – $108. One-hour class meets Saturdays at 1:00PM. Started April 2, but there is room for one more participant for a total of five.  Taught by Helane Hurwith, MS, CPT, this class will challenge the 40+ crowd with resistance, cardio, core and balance training. 

PELVIC POWER  – 6-weeks- $108. One-hour class begins Wednesday, April 13 at Noon.  This class is currently filled: however, if there is enough interest another class may be arranged.  This is educational fitness program for women only.  Basic pelvic anatomy and function with specific exercises to strengthen and control pelvic floor and inner core muscles.  Taught by Susan Thomson, CPT.

POWER PILATES  – 6-weeks – $108 – Begins Friday, April 15 at 11:00 AM.  This class is an advanced form of Pilates which includes explosive, powerful movement intervals and more difficult Pilates Mat exercises. This is not a beginners class. Taught by Ellen Flaxman, MS, CPT.

Call to register at 847-251-6834   OR e-mail us at