CLIENT SURVEY RESULTS –   Clients were asked to respond to the following questions:

1. Do you feel PFTL should require masks for vaccinated trainers and clients?

            YES- 33%     NO- 63%     Undecided –3%

2.  Do you feel we should ask for proof of vaccination?

            YES- 57%    NO – 27%     Undecided – 17%

3.  Do you believe we should continue wiping down all touchable surfaces?

            YES – 60%         NO- 23%       Undecided – 17%


  1. We will keep the mask requirement until June 15.  Staring on June 16, we will ask all who enter the studio to sign a statement indicating if they are fully vaccinated or not. A vax card would be appreciated, but not required.

If they attest to being vaccinated, they will not be required to wear a mask.  If they are not vaccinated, they will still need to wear a mask. Of course, anyone can wear a mask if they want.

a. We will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC, state, county, and local government.

b. We are still limiting our attendance to 3 trainers and 3 clients maximum at any time, so distancing can be maintained.  Some time slots are less busy.

c. We understand that each of our clients’ situations are unique.  Therefore, if anyone is uncomfortable being indoors with others who are unmasked, we can offer them “in home” training or they can ask their trainer to schedule them during a studio time that is quieter. 

d. Unvaccinated clients may need to be rescheduled for the comfort level of those clients who will not feel safe being around unvaccinated people.

  1. Trainers will continue to wipe down equipment and other touchable surfaces when possible.
  1. We will still provide wipes and hand sanitizers throughout the studio. It is advised that clients wipe their hands upon entering and leaving the studio.
  1. We have reinstalled the water cooler but will continue to provide bottled water for a while for those who want them.

If you have any questions, please contact Debora at( 847) 722-2115 or