As you know, we greatly value you, your business and the sense of community that we provide at PFTL.  For this and other reasons, I have not raised our personal training rates for the past decade.  However, due to both Covid and inflation, our operating costs have skyrocketed. 

To continue providing the level of service and uncrowded environment that you’ve come to appreciate, I must reluctantly raise our hourly training rates. Therefore, effective November 1, 2022, the following new rates will apply for Studio training sessions.

  • One-on-One Training
    • 1X/week – $100
    • 2X/week – $95 per session
    • 3X/week – $85 per session
  • Two Clients/One trainer: $130 (split $65/$65)
  • Three Clients/One Trainer -$150 (Split $50/$50/$50)
  • 10 Pre-paid Sessions – $90 per session

We’ve been providing high level personal training for 31 years and hope to be here for you as long as you need us.  Feel free to contact me at or 847-722-2115, if you want to discuss the new rates.

With great appreciation for your loyalty,

Debora Morris