PFTL News July 2017


Offered to our clients and the public – We meet Mondays and Thursdays, from 5:30-6:30pm, at the Wallace Bowl in Gillson Park, Wilmette.  Includes warm-up, stretching, intervals, stair climbing, core strengthening and a great way to get some extra exercise.  Contact for information.


Did you know that mammograms miss 20%-60% of tumors?  Dense breast tissue (present in 40% of women) limits the accuracy of mammograms. Additionally, limited training of technicians, HRT, breast implants and rapidly growing tumors are all good reasons for women to do monthly exams themselves.

We have acquired two breast palpitation models from . Their mission is to teach women how to check their breasts for possible abnormalities These breast models come with simulated tumors and complete instructions to take home and learn what tumors feel like.

There is no charge for the models; you may sign them out and bring them back for others to use.  Although not necessary, if you find the models helpful, you can visit to donate to this initiative.  Contact Julie to borrow a model to take home.

WHERE CALORIE COUNTING GOES WRONG (excerpted from IDEA Food & Nutrition May 2017)

While calories do count, it has become clear that counting them won’t help most people over the long term. However, we should still want to be aware of how much we eat each day.

Counting calories, however, can be tedious  frustrating and inaccurate.  When eating becomes overcomplicated, people are more likely to give up and fall back on old habits. That’s simply human nature.  And research has repeatedly shown that being able to stick with a dietary approach is the ONLY factor strongly associated with weight loss, regardless of dietary ideology or approach used.

Don’t Count Calories – A Better Way to Control Portions

All you need is the ability to count to 2, and your own hand.  Here how it works:

    • Your palm determines your protein portions.
    • Your fist determines your veggie portions.
    • Your cupped hand determines your carb portions.
    • Your thumb determines your fat portions.

Hand-based dietary recommendations equal about 2300-3000 kilocalories per day for men and 1500-2100 kcal per day for women.  If they eat an assortment of proteins, veggies, carbs and healthy fats.  A simple and flexible guide for meal planning would look like this.


Daily Totals

6-8 palms of protein

6-8 fists of veggies

6-8 cupped hands of carbs

6-8 entire thumbs of fat


Daily Totals

4-6 palms of  protein

4-6 fists of veggies

4-6 cupped hands of carbs

4-6 entire thumbs of fat


Per Meal

2 palms of protein

2 fists of vegetables

2 cupped hands of carbs

2 entire thumbs of fat

Per Meal

1 palm of protein

1 fist of vegetables

1 cupped hand of carbs

1 entire thumb of fat

How Much Protein Do We Need? – For protein-dense foods like meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, use a palm-sized serving. This means a serving has the same thickness and diameter as your palm. Each palm-sized serving provides approximately 20–30 grams of protein.

How Much Vegtables – For non-starchy colorful vegetables (think broccoli, spinach, salad, carrots, etc.), use a fist-sized serving. Again, a fist-sized portion has the same thickness and diameter as your fist.

How Much Carb? – For carbohydrate-dense foods—like grains, starches or fruits—use a cupped hand to determine your serving size. Each cupped handful provides approximately 20–30 g of carbohydrate.

How Much Fat? – For fat-dense foods like oils, butters, nut butters and nuts/seeds, use your entire thumb to determine your serving size. 
A thumb-sized portion is the thickness and entire length of your thumb, and each serving provides approximately 7–12 g of fat.

Weight loss does not have to be complicated. Most people  can become lean and healthy without following a prescribed meal plan, making themselves miserable in the gym or even counting calories.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Fat loss—like any life change—often requires trying new things, getting out of comfort zones and swapping old habits for new ones. All you need is your hand. And the willingness to try something new.